Musical and Cultural Dialogue !

Good luck to all students this year passing their exams !

There will be a musical and cultural dialogue including language, dance, clothing. Last monday, on the 15th of June, a group of french students and chinese young adults were at an organ improvisation concert. Together, we all pitched in ideas and themes for the improvisation.

The Yong-Earth Team wishes everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival filled with delicious moon cakes and surrounded by loved ones. The roundest moon is around the corner, the stars are already twinkling, families gather around. To know where you are going you have to know where you come from.

Panda expedition of 2014. A group of young volunteers from France traveled through the three panda bases of China near Chengdu and helped scientists with their project of reintroducing pandas in the wild. To look at the photos click here To look at the program

I hope everyone spends a lovely vacation, and we will see you all after summer !


Today’s world is borderless. The understanding of a new culture allows us to have an open mind, an instrument of cultural harmonisation. Yong-Earth’s goal is to help cultural exchanges between France and China and to give elements and experiences that help understand different cultures.

Our projects are focused on those domains:
– Awareness of the difference in chinese and french way of thinking
– Harmonisation of chinese and french exchanges
– Development of franco-chinese multi-culture
– Share franco-chinese vision on protection of the environment

To accompany these projects, Yong-Earth organises:
– Seminars and lectures on chinese culture in comparison with french culture
– Cultural exchanges in France and in China
– Missions with young volunteers who accompany scientist and researchers for the protection of resources, in partnership with Operation-Earth

Founder, and actual president: Siméone de Fremond (profile)
Vice-president: Eve Hourtoulle (profile)
Vice-president China: Bai Yue Yu

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