About us

Today’s world is borderless. The understanding of a new culture allows us to have an open mind, an instrument of cultural harmonisation. Yong-Earth’s goal is to help cultural exchanges between France and China and to give elements and experiences that help understand different cultures.

Our projects are focused on those domains:
– Awareness of the difference in chinese and french way of thinking
– Harmonisation of chinese and french exchanges
– Development of franco-chinese multi-culture
– Share franco-chinese vision on protection of the environment

To accompany these projects, Yong-Earth organises:
– Seminars and lectures on chinese culture in comparison with french culture
– Cultural exchanges in France and in China
– Missions with young volunteers who accompany scientist and researchers for the protection of resources, in partnership with Operation-Earth

Founder, and actual president: Siméone de Fremond (profile)
Vice-president: Eve Hourtoulle (profile)
Vice-president China: Bai Yue Yu

Active Member:
Alain Guo: “While living, we sometimes have to stop thinking about the past or the future, and live in the moment.”
Cecile Chen: “Although there have terrible things like storms and garbage in this world, there also are wonderful things like the sun shining upon us, the beautiful snow and Santa Claus.”
Inès Giudici

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